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World Heritage city, a starting point to a journey through the natural and cultural diversity of the region. It is known for the wine, exported to all corners of the world, but also for its heritage that combines the sacred art and monuments such as the Cathedral Sé or the Church of São Francisco, with the contemporaneity of landmark buildings like the Casa da Música, the Serralves Museum, among others.

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Guimarães is a historic town with a crucial role in the formation of Portugal, which already has more than a thousand years since its formation, when it was designated as Vimaranes.

Guimarães is one of the most important historical cities of the country, and its historic centre is considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity, making it definitely one of the biggest tourist centres of the region. Its streets and monuments breathe history and delight those who visit.

The current Guimarães reconciles, in the best way, the story and the subsequent maintenance of assets with the dynamism and entrepreneurship that characterize modern cities.

Guimarães is often called the Cradle City due to the fact there has been established the administrative Portucalense centre by D. Henrique and his son D. Afonso Henriques because they were born in this city and fundamentally the historical importance of the Battle of São Mamede, fought on the outskirts of the city on June 24, 1128, had for the formation of nationality.

However, the necessity to Reconquer and the protection of the southern territories took this same centre to Coimbra in 1129. The Vimaranense are proudly treated as Conquerors, the result of this historical legacy of conquest began precisely in Guimarães.

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The Douro Valley, between Barqueiros and the border, is the result of the wonders of nature, but also the effort and energy expended by man in its transformation.

The vineyard that produces the varieties of the famous Port wine is the biggest cause and reason of all this hard work.

Centuries of hard work, fatigue and human sweat, gutted the earth, they removed the massive shale, shaped the walls and terraced levels to stow the vines, raising this colossal work, which Marquês de Pombal rewarded in the eighteenth century, with the title of first demarcated region in the world.

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Once a town of Romans and later city of archbishops, Braga is one of the main religious centres of Portugal, heavily dominated by Baroque architecture. Discover its main places of worship such as the Cathedral and the sanctuaries of Bom Jesus do Monte and Sameiro.

It is considered the third city of Portugal, capital of the Minho region. Internationally renowned tourist city that focuses on its monumental character, but also in its magnificent gardens, gastronomy and a lively social and cultural life.

Prepare an itinerary and get to know all the heritage of the county, its history, its festivals and the tasty cuisine of the region

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