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Combined with the building’s great beauty the history of the origins of Castle Santa Catarina date back to the year of 1887 – the date of its first land registry. It began with the construction of the private chapel in honour of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Tower was built later.

This building was commissioned by Comendador António Pimenta da Fonseca, distinguished textile industrialist, internationally recognized.

The comendador ordered the Castle built as a private family house but also to have a place to entertain his guests and demonstrate his social and economic power.

He surrounded himself with the best craftsmen of the time so as to have a final product that was of such beauty that it would cause deep admiration in any who would visit. In this house the Comendador witnessed the birth of his daughter and the unfortunate death of his wife.

He continued to reside here and married a second time. Upon his death an due to the lack of agreement between his wife and daughter from the first marriage concerning the division of the estate, they decided to remove all the existing valuables both from the chapel and the tower, condemning the Castle of Santa Catarina to long years of emptiness and abandonment.


In 1969, Joaquim Teixeira Brás, an hotel entrepreneur, saw a unique opportunity to explore this magnificent place, recognizing it’s unparallel characteristics to make it a 5-star hotel and decides to purchase it.


Despite the troubled times of the revolution of April of 1974 and the following years, Joaquim Teixeira Brá never gave up on the idea of opening the Castle to the city and inaugurated the place as a Residential, along side his son João Brás. In recognition for all his work in the preservation and adaptation of a place so full of history, the City of Porto classified Castle of Santa Catarina as a Building with Patrimonial and Architectural Interest.


Joaquim Teixeira Brás died suddenly in 1999, leaving in the hands of his son the task of continuing what his father had started.


In 2008, João Brás became the rightful owner of the building.

This date symbolises a new phase for the Castle of Santa Catarina. The constant requalification of the space made it into what it is today: a pleasant house where the tradition is combined with the modern. A place of excellence in housing, in the centre of a big city.